15 November 2009

Week 5... or 4... or 6...? : Athens.

I drove an hour and a half to Athens (no, not GREECE - Georgia) to shoot a friend from high school and his roommate for my class. Learned a few important lessons:

1. Wear comfortable shoes when you'll be doing a shoot outdoors [or anywhere].
2. Allow yourself enough time when the sun is your only form of light. [The sun fell below the trees WAY faster than I had expected it to, so I had to make do with just a few photos.]
3. It's fun to shoot images you don't think will work; sometimes those images are the best of the shoot!

...That being said, here are my photos for the backlit/stranger assignment and the bouncing light assignment.

This is Kyle, Tad's roommate. I didn't know him before this day. He has a funny laugh.


This is Tad. He wore a fun hat.



...and one out-take that I LOVED...